Vitalbase, european leader in automatic fall detection.

A patented technology based on a 10-year expertise.

Our technology is the only automatic fall detection innovation to have been tested on such a large scale. Integrated in wristbands or pendants, it allows the wearer to be protected even when physically unable to push the button.

4 times internationally patented, this technology is based on a complex algorythm combined to several captors. Should the wearer fall, a silent analysis system is triggered within seconds to estimate idling time. If no physical activity is resumed, an alarm is sent to a helpline or to a trusted person.

Fall detection, a first step towards a 360° protection

Our technology integrates artificial intelligence to anticipate daily hazards and protect seniors from them. We are currently working on new algorythms to broaden our analysis scope and better prevent vulnerable people’s dependance.

Behind this technology is a wide range of expertise.


Our devices include different types of sensors such as an accelerometer, a GPS or an air quality sensor.

Wireless connection

Our products communicate with different types of networks such as the Ultra-Narrow-Band, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Electronic design

Our teams organize electronic components in order to upgrade our devices’ performances.

Antenna design

We pay particular attention to the design of our antennas to improve radio performances.

Sigfox network

Being a Telecom Design business unit, Vitalbase is an expert when it comes to the operation and use of the Sigfox network.

Cloud computing technologies

The data is hosted on safe servers, in compliance with health confidentiality rules.

Mobile & web apps

Vitalbase develops its own mobile phone and web applications to further enhance our users’ experience.


We work in collaboration with laboratories and centers of expertise to provide reliable and registered products.

We are a team of 50 people belonging to several skill clusters. Find out more about those whose input daily broadens Vitalbase’s expertise !

Automatic fall detection is integrated in all our solutions.