The automatic fall detector which encourages physically dependant users to become self-reliant.

Vibby OAK, the automatic fall detector

Automatic fall detection

In case of heavy fall, an alarm is triggered without having to push the button.
Find out more about the fall detection technology.

SOS button

Should a problem occur, a central button enables the user to send an alert.

Cancelling an alarm/h2>

Simply cover your Vibby OAK with your hand to cancel an alarm.

500 000 people are protected by Vibby OAK throughout Europe thanks to our network of partners.

Wirst or neck worn Vibby OAK. Most deployed automatic fall detector on the market.

Water resistant and shock resistant, it protects you through everyday events.

Up to 2 years battery life. You needn’t worry about changing a battery.

The device can be wrist worn or neck worn and comes as a watch or pendant, depending on your preference.

Vibby OAK for telecare

Available with all helpline operators.

The Vibby OAK is integrated in most helpline offers. Access to the helpline is usually provided as part of a monthly subscription.

Fit to be used within a health facility.

The Vibby OAK can easily be connected to the nurse call system in a health facility. It will allow patients to quickly get in touch with the nursing staff and warn them in case a fall occurs.

Compatible with all transmitters on the market.

Automatic fall detector compatible with all transmitters on the market

The Vibby OAK must be connected to a transmitter for the alarm to be sent to the caregivers. Its multi-protocol radio settings enable it to be compatible with all devices on the market: transmitters, tablets, nurse call systems, Wifi box etc.

Customize your Vibby OAK wristband by choosing the colour.

Get in touch with one of our partners to find out more about available colours.

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