The smart companion to watch over you and keep you in shape.

Ikarya Watch

Automatic fall detection

Should a heavy fall occur, an alert is sent even if you are physically unable to press the button or get back up. Find out more about the automatic fall detection technology.

SOS button

Should a problem or dangerous situation occur, an alert is sent by pressing a simple button.

GPS geolocation

In case the alarm is triggered, your GPS position is sent to your relatives or to a helpline.

Activity monitoring

Including a foot pod, your recommended daily walking time or the number of floors you’ve been up.

Activity coaching

Setting goals and following up on them, health and well-being tips through the application.

A guardian angel for seniors who wish to enjoy life to the fullest.

Discovering new horizons, thriving in your passions, spending time with your loved ones… these are the reasons why we have conceived the Ikarya Watch – to watch over you under all circumstances.

A day to day coach to take care of you.

Thanks to its activity monitoring functions, the Ikarya Watch is an efficient mean to prevent health issues and guarantee your freedom of movement. We offer a daily activity time indicator based on standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Ikarya Watch and its activity coaching features

Up to 45 days autonomy, a first for a a connected watch.

Water resistant and shock resistant, keep your watch on under all circumstances.

Stay safe even without your phone – the Sigfox network will take over.

The user’s smartphone is an extension of the Ikarya experience.
If the smartphone is temporarily unavailable, alerts are sent via the Sigfox network, used as an emergency network.
See the Ikarya Watch page on Sigfox partners.

A way of bridging gaps between generations.

The Ikarya Watch offers you opportunities to create special social bonds thanks to the Ikarya wearers community. Share privileged moments with your family, friends and neighbours.

A product designed for and by seniors.

To better answer seniors’ expectations, our solutions are developped in tight partnership with health professionals. We regularly involve seniors in the testing of our products in order to gather their suggestions.

Join the Ikarya test program!

Are you over 65? Become one of the 50 Ikarya Watch testers and be the first to enjoy a smart companion who watches over you every day and helps you stay in good shape.

By joining the Ikarya test program, you receive an Ikarya Watch free of charge to tell us about your feedback as a user.

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